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O bjectives

    In the pharmaceutical sector, it must be acknowledged that laboratories have difficulties gathering information on their users, nor do they precisely understand their ongoing feedback regarding their customers use of the cosmetic products on the market.

    The goal of the company was to gather information on the profile of its users (age, sex, geographic region...), as well as information on their satisfaction: Despite being in a BTBTC position, a communication channel had to be created with the consumers.

Beside this main mission, a market study was also undertaken to determine the psychological price of an antiperspirant.

A ction taken by Seerus

     Having been able to realise that users were very active on forums and social networks, we created some Facebook pages for the company and user accounts on the forums (once they had been all identified) to create a new mode of direct communication with a view to circulate the surveys. We also created a product page ( www.axitrans.be )  containing FAQs, an exchange forum ), and contacted a series of bloggers ( http://axitrans.be/en/ils_en_parlent )

La participation aux sondages de satisfaction fut particulièrement efficace et nous avons pu récolter suffisamment de données pour délivrer des chiffres pertinents.

R esults

     In terms of the active users, the laboratory was able to get to know its customers with precision, profiles were then developed and statistically validated (using the analysis as the main component) and a communication channel was installed between the business and its clientele.

     With regards to the psychological price, the analysis showed that by reducing the price by 1/4, the sales revenue could be improved by 25% to 35%: After 6 months, the results showed an increase of 29% in sales turnover.

     At the time of the data collection, we noticed a very strong mobilization for the product in the Maghreb countries. Today, the laboratory is in negotiation with distributors in Tunisia and Morocco to implement its products in these countries.


T estimony from the company

« We decided to advertise via our surveys, as we are in BTBTC, we have no way of being in contact with our end customers, and now we harvest user testimonies, and we exchange with them via the management; it is a communication channel which is now open, thanks for the advice". CEO. Vesale Pharma.


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